Sweet project is a Russian based multiplayer servers community set up in November 16, 2011 by three friends - Vishnya, Tonop and Attak. We were inspired to start our project by a famous Russian map designer and just a good friend FaTaLeRRoR, who donated a starting 20 scenes pack with various landscapes and city sights for pleasure and fun. Having had only one 32 slots battle server where the order was maintained only by us, during the following months we hired a large number of moderators and got a lot of support and feedback from the people involved. Time passed and we improved our admin tools and added some new custom scenes. The number of servers was also growing, so by that time the visitors could dominate in epic battles as well as improve their dueling skills. After all, as we were getting bigger and bigger, we decided to rent our personal dedicated server and run a new siege server. Moreover, we were able to offer the players a unique Native gamemode called ‘Botovod’; it’s an amazing compilation of a multiplayer competitive spirit and command of the bots as in a singleplayer; the players will need all their strategy skills, intelligence and wittiness to lead their men to the victory. Also, not long ago we launched a deathmatch server offering an unlimited freedom of action and a rapid gameplay. Nowadays, our servers are the most popular in the Russian Native community and are quite famous in the world; that’s why we are posting this topic here. At present, we have five servers with almost all gamemodes. We love all of you and are always trying to improve your playing conditions for the better.

Meet the oldest Sweet server. It is a public battle server for 64 players. You can find standard, ENL, WNL and custom maps there. This server is a favorite battle server for Russians and quite a big number of Europeans. Ru_Sweet_Server is also a base for different events like Sweet New Year.

This is a popular duel server, and if you want to fight some russian professional gamers, you are on the right way. Ru_Sweet_Duel_Server has existed just a little longer than the main battle server. That is why there is a strong community of people who prefer to play there. We have features like heraldic armor for everyone, training equipment dispenser, anti-interfere teleporting system, teleports, and etc. We also have 10 kinds of bots divided into 4 difficulty levels and a trainer. All these bots are much stronger because of the scripts and use a big variety of equipment.

We are glad to introduce you to our siege project. Now you can take part in epic assaults and defences taking place at standart Native scenes and detailed brand new castles and strongholds. Among the other innovations is a starting sum of money amounting to 3000 gold, which diversifies the gameplay. See you on the battlegrounds!

Massive warfare and ruling the bots are among the key features of Mount&Blade. Unfortunately, they have been almost completely removed from the multiplayer. That's why our new Native project has been created. 'Botovod' server allows people to lead a singleplayer-like army and confront each other online. Here you play a role of a noble medieval knight leading your own lances fournies. In comparison with NW and WFaS this server has an important difference - you should command the infantry, archers and horsemen at the same time. We use random plains/steppes and different custom maps. All factions were remade and rebalanced for the better use in this gamemode. Remember, you should take all kinds of troops!

Dear Players! We are glad to introduce you to one more project - Ru_Sweet_DM_Server. Now our servers also include deathmatch - a gamemode which is, perhaps, the most dynamic, the most intense, and the friendliest to the new players. It is high time to hold your glaive tighter, show your bare back, and begin to whirl, cruelly exterminating everything on your way. Play for yourself or repel the waves of the chaotically moving enemies with friends - this gamemode gives you a complete freedom of action during a thirty minute round. YARRR!